Company Overview


Bioproperties Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer and a supplier of live vaccines to the worldwide food animal industry. Bioproperties has twelve live vaccines in its current product suite and a research and development pipeline that is expected to deliver several new registered products in the near term. Bioproperties’ special skill is its ability to identify industry requirements for new products, develop the products and bring them to market within a quick timeframe.

Bioproperties is a privately owned Australian entity, incorporated in 1989 and strongly positioned to continue its growth in Australia and progressively bring more unique live vaccines for major diseases of intensively farmed animals to local and international markets.

Intensively Farmed Food Animal Industry

Global meat output, consumption and trade continue to expand, driven by human population growth, rising incomes, urbanisation, changing diets and new markets. Over 30% of total meat consumed is poultry. Within the industry, there is a change of emphasis away from prophylactic use of antibiotic and chemical agents to control diseases. In some markets their use is expressly prohibited. Consequently, there is a concomitant move towards the prophylactic use of biologics generally, and live vaccines in particular.

Bioproperties is strategically positioned, as a niche player in the biologics sector producing live vaccines, to take advantage of both the growth of the world industry and the demand for new live vaccines in the major markets.